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The Transformer Containment Bag™, manufactured by Andax Industries safely contains leaking transformers, allowing complete access to lifting lugs for easy lifting, moving and storing.

The Transformer Containment Bag™ allows for 100% OSHA compliant lifting by providing access to the transformer manufacturer's lifting lugs through the integrated primary and secondary reinforced access ports in the Transformer Containment Bag™ during every stage of use in which an electric utility line crew would need to lift, move and store a transformer.


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The primary and secondary reinforced access ports are used to access the transformer manufacturer's lifting lugs while the Transformer Containment Bag's™ duffle is up (containment stage) and designed with a built-in weather cover flap to prevent weather from entering the bag. To ensure OSHA compliant lifting, the lifting straps are attached to the transformer manufacturer's lifting lugs. Because it is a multi-stage containment bag, line crews can perform maintenance (duffle down) such as testing, oil removal or transformer repairs. When finished, the transformer can be 100% weather proof when stored outside (duffle up).


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The innovative Andax Transformer Containment Bag™ is the right tool for the job. It helps keep employees safe because contained transformers can be lifted safely following OSHA compliant regulations, trucks and equipment stay clean!
• Allows for 100% OSHA Compliant Lifting
• 100% Weather Proof Storage
• Complete Access to Lifting Lugs
• Multi-Stage Lifting
• Primary and Secondary Reinforced Access Lug Ports
• Rugged Materials
• Durable Construction
• Contains Leaking Transformers
• Converts to a Complete Outdoor Weather-Proof Storage System


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The Transformer Containment Bag™ provides for both complete access to the transformers manufacturer’s lifting lugs and complete containment for the transformer, ensuring OSHA Compliance while lifting, moving and storing transformers and DOT Compliance while transporting.

Product #kVA*ABCDUnits per BoxBox SizeBox WeightQty per Pallet
TCB-2024-OB5-1520"29.75"33.25"65"516"X14"X14"14 lbs45 boxes
TCB-2434-OB20-5024"35.75"39.25"70"516"X16"X16"18.5 lbs45 boxes
TCB-3640-OB75-16736"37.75"42.5"75"518"X22"X21"32 lbs16 boxes
TCB-4652-OB167+46"39.75"44.5"81"524"X20"X20"45 lbs16 boxes

*These kVA sizes are approximate. Transformer size varies by age and manufacturer.


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